The Nine Worlds Podcast – 2017 Episode 01 – Nothing Like Real Life

Welcome to the Nine Worlds Podcast! In our inaugural episode hosts Matt and Misha discuss – almost as if it was fate! Almost as if it were planned! – auspicious beginnings in genre fiction. What are the franchises that hit the ground running? What grabbed us from episode, movie, book or issue one? Along the way, the pair dig into representation in fiction, Pokémon, and complain that it’s not possible to actually do ALL OF THE THINGS. Oh, and there’s convention news too!

Note: Matt got the dates of the event wrong at the end of the podcast! Nine Worlds 2017 runs, of course, between 04/08 and 06/08/2017. Book your tickets now!

A transcript of this podcast can be downloaded here: nine_worlds_podcast_2017x01_transcript.