New Episodes Delayed, Updated Release Schedule

Hi folks, Matt here with an update on the Nine Worlds Podcast schedule.

As most of you are aware, in addition to working on the podcast Misha and I both volunteer as Content Producers for the Nine Worlds event itself; Misha runs the Bifrost Cabaret and I am running panels. Over the last couple of weeks it has been crunch time for content at the 2017 event; each item of content has required polishing, finalising and hundreds of other little jobs doing in order to make everything ready for Nine Worlds 2017 in August. Unfortunately this has not left much time for the podcast, so it had to go on hold whilst we prioritised the convention itself.

The good news is that we now have not one but two new episodes in the can, ready for release. Episode four will be released on Friday 7th of July and episode five will be released two weeks after that, on Friday 21st. From then on we should be back on track with episode six, the last studio episode in the 2017 season, going live on the Friday of the event, 4th August.

At the Nine Worlds 2017 event itself Misha and I will be joined for a special live show by writers Jeannette Ng and Mike Brooks, with that episode being recorded and scheduled for release on Friday 18th August. If you’d like to be in the audience head on over to the Nine Worlds website and book your tickets now!

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