The Official Podcast of the Nine Worlds London Geekfest!

Nine Worlds is an annual multimedia, multi-genre residential pop culture convention based in London, UK. It was founded on the belief that geekdom should not be restricted by class, age, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, or the ability to cite Wookiepedia in arguments. The Nine Worlds Podcast, hosted by GeekPlanetOnline Editor-in-Chief Matt Dillon and Bifrost Queer Caberet’s Misha Ankwell, features amiable chat on a variety of subjects that are both close to the geek community and reflect the ethos of the convention itself.


The Nine Worlds Podcast – 2017 Episode 04 – The Changeable Nature of Syphilis

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In this delayed episode – sorry about that! – Team Eminem, inspired by Misha’s unbridled social media rage, reveal their unpopular opinions about popular things. Pirates, handmaids, vampires and wooden drawers all get dragged into the Nine Worlds spotlight, plus – if you’re very, very lucky! – the episode title might even get explained… We’re…